The War Against Christ by the American Government

Our government here in America is at war with Christ. It is at war with Christianity. Our Federal government is the culprit that has enacted laws and policies for decades now to remove, repudiate, destroy and decimate all that has to do with Christ and Christianity in our nation, including the sacred and holy institution of marriage. Starting with the recent DOMA ruling by the U. S. Supreme Court, this sermon confirms the awful reality of the war. Sadly, most Christians in America today believe God's law should have nothing to do with the governance of nations. Thus, they have aided and abetted the outcome in our nation. The sermon exposes the grim consequences of Christians removing their faith from the public square and making it a purely private matter. 74 min. MercySeat.net LesserMagistrate.com

Jul 7, 2013
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Psalm 2
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