This is How to Witness


John 15:26 – a witness for and of Christ, but it gets more specific

John 16:7-11 – this is what the Holy Spirit witnesses to in that regard

When we witness of sin, righteousness, and judgment, the Holy Spirit will work in people’s hearts to convict of the message of Christ

Peter in Acts 4:1-13

Being filled with the Spirit is in the context of being a witness for Christ

Vs.10-12 – sin, righteousness, and judgment

Vs.13 – the proof – you don’t have to be smarter than someone else or have all the right answers, you just need to have been around the One True Answer, it isn’t that you will bring everyone to Christ every time, here we see it didn’t work that way for Peter, but we must be willing to be a witness, to die to self and live for God

Jun 6, 2010
Sunday Service
Acts 4:1-13; John 16:7-11
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