Life After Death, Pt. 8 - Why Would God Send Anyone To Hell? (Pt. II)


You won't hear this sermon in very many churches. In this age of 'seeker-sensitive' worship, a sermon about hell is not politically correct. According to a well-known megachurch pastor, people don't want to hear about sin and hell, they want to to know that God loves them and to feel good about themselves.

In this sermon we look at seven questions:

Is hell a real place?

What is hell?

What is the second death?

Do the damned go to hell immediately at death?

Is hell forever, or just probationary?

Do you get an opportunity to believe in Christ after death and so avoid hell?

Why would a loving God send any of His children to hell forever?

Sermon ID 660755118
Duration 38:17
Date May 27, 2007
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Matthew 25
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