Christianity’s Lost Relevance

When a population forgets God, it will forget the origin of its rights, forfeit its right to appeal to the unchanging guarantee of rights, and be subject to the whims and capricious laws of ruling elitists.
The weaponizing of our legal system against political opponents shows we have returned to the times from which the American founders fled and sought to be freed from.
This lesson reveals the cause of Christianity's lost relevance to today's world, gives insight into events that confuse Christians, and reveals how and why the events of today must be understood from a Biblical worldview perspective.

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00:00 Relevant, Practical Christianity
08:37 Compartmentalized Christianity
09:58 Equating Worldliness With Understanding Worldliness
16:12 America Paradigm Shift
20:18 Physical World Problems Are Spiritual Problems
22:51 The Tactics And Predictability Of Trump's Trial
29:19 Satan Exposed

Jun 3, 2024
1 Chronicles 12:32; Proverbs 24:5
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