Marriage: Who Decides? Seeing the BIG Picture of this California Battle

Pastor Stoos presents a topical sermon on the Biblical definition of marriage in response to the recent State Supreme Court decision and the response to it that will be on the November ballot.

He should how Christians must understand the true nature of this battle, looking at marriage as a creation ordinance given by God to demonstrate the love and unity of the Trinity from all eternity.

He discusses how we must respond lovingly and Biblically to the sin of homosexuality, undertanding the full impact of man's rebellion against God.

And finally Pastor Stoos show the obligation that Christians have to show forth the glory of their marriages to a watching world. The Apostle Paul teaches that this is essential because even in our fallen state God uses marriage as a way to demonstrate Christ's great love for His Bride the Church.

Jun 1, 2008
Sunday Service
Ephesians 5; Genesis 2; Romans 1
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