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From our Milwaukee, Wisconsin, news desk, Crosstalk brought listeners up to date on stories of interest to Christians worldwide. Here's a sample of what Jim presented:

--In a landmark 6-3 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court held that a Colorado graphic designer who wants to make wedding websites does not have to create them for same-sex marriages.

--The Supreme Court also ruled that the Biden administration cannot go forward with the student loan/debt handout program.

--In a 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court swept aside affirmative action.

--President Biden expressed his displeasure with the Supreme Court's affirmative action ruling.

--On Thursday's broadcast of the Fox News Channel's "America Reports," Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Commissioner Andrea Lucas predicted that the Supreme Court's ruling on racial preferences in college admissions will lead to an increased amount of challenges to already illegal corporate DEI programs and other methods of sneaking in race preferences.

--The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled unanimously for a postal worker in Pennsylvania in an important religious liberty dispute, over how far employers should go to accommodate faith-based requests in the workplace.

--South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is leaving it up to legislators to muster the two-thirds majority from the House and Senate to call themselves into special session regarding carbon-capture pipelines.

--A "Property Rights Roundup" will be held at the State Capitol Rotunda on Thursday, July 6th, in Pierre, South Dakota.

--A Michigan hate speech bill (HB4474) that has passed the state House and is now in the hands of the Senate.

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