The Nations Turned into Hell


The nations of this earth have forgotten God, and turned to their armaments in an effort to gain "peace" for mankind. But everyone is determined to RULE in their own way, and thus ready at a moment's notice to go to WAR, with all its treachery and unreasonable expense.

Where is Love? Where is an fear of the true and living God? Hear this radio warning from the voice of the late Mr. G. D. Fulton, of Blacksburg SC. This is another of his recorded radio messages, and may it prove a blessing to you who hear it.

Without repentance and turning to God from sin, there will be no salvation, for nations or individuals. It matters not what modern preachers may tell you. Their soft-soap comfort will fail in the hour of testing. TAKE THE YOKE OF CHRIST IN SURRENDER AND OBEDIENCE TO HIM AS HE REIGNS OVER US!

Sermon ID 63012113583
Duration 15:23
Date Dec 30, 1986
Category Radio Broadcast
Bible Text 2 Peter 3:1-11; Psalm 9:17
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