6 Day Creation & The Presuppositions of Science: Creationism & Faith

Featured on Sep 2, 2011

This sermon is a Biblical examination of the presuppositions of modern science when it speaks of the age of the earth.

Even in 'conservative' denominations there's a large minority, in some cases perhaps a majority, of ministers who deny that God created the earth in six 24-hour days.

Among other problems, any theory that rejects creation in six 24 hour days nullifies the Fourth Commandment by reducing it to gibberish.

This sermon will help equip you to bring the Biblically-based truth to those who have been mislead by the arguments against the possibility of creation in six literal 24-hour days.

Sermon ID 630081445110
Duration 37:49
Date Jun 22, 2008
Category Current Events
Bible Text Exodus 20:11; Genesis 1
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