2. Joey Faust

In this series, two pastors present their case for what Christians may expect at the Judgment Seat of Christ. In the first two messages Joey Faust presents the doctrine of Kingdom Accountability. In the later two messages, Herb Evans contends against this position. This should not be considered a formal debate as the following conditions were provided by Pastor Evans and agreed to by Pastor Faust.

Conditions presented by Herb Evans

  1. I will not be introduced or addressed as "brother."2. I will not shake hands or bid godspeed to Joey Faust or other Faustites. 3. I will have no fellowship with Joey Faust or his members during meals or otherwise or be expected to do anything that could be construed as compromise with their doctrine of devils.4. I will eat alone.5. I will be afforded two uninterrupted hour sessions to present my case (Sunday morning and evening would be fine). 6. I will have permission to duplicate and sell the videos of my preaching. 7. I will answer no questions. 8. I will not debate any issue with anyone. 9.I will have the right to ask for a non verbal show of hands on anything I ask.10. Joey Faust and fellow Faustite will waiver any and all rights to a law suit against me (not that I plan on giving just cause for such). I will be using terms such as heretic, false teacher, and cult. 11. There shall be no censorship or inserted commentary into my videos or after my preaching videos. 12. There will not be any subsequent video rebuttal by Joey Faust or anyone else, although I have no objection to a rebuttal in writing at a later date to which I am afforded the opportunity to answer. 13. Joey Faust shall agree to these terms.
Jun 6, 2010
Hebrews 6
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