Our Nation's Sexual Sins (3)

Staff PickFeatured on Jul 26, 2003

Our Nation is in serious spiritual need but in God's word, the Bible, we find answers to our moral and social problems as a nation.

Sadly these days, our Nation is marked not only by an unrestrained and unashamed abandonment to sensuality but also by the putrid sin of sexual perversion. What is called sexual orientation and an alternative lifestyle today, God has always called an abomination, which he visits with severe judgment but from which he offers salvation.

In this message from God's Word to our Nation, we hear God's rebuke and denunciation for our nation's aggravated moral sins and a call to repentance and prayer.

There is cleansing in the blood of Christ for all of our sexual sins. 1 Corinthians 6:9-11

Preached at the Mid America Family Conference in Bluffton, Ohio.

Also available in RealAudio® format on www.tbcnj.org.

This message (TP-R-3) is part of a series of 4 messages. Cassette tapes and CD's may be purchased through Trinity Book Service.

Sermon ID 6290383510
Duration 1:10:15
Date Jul 6, 1983
Category Special Meeting
Bible Text Leviticus 18; Proverbs 14:34; Romans 1:18-32
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