National Moral Degeneracy (2)

Featured on Jul 5, 2003

We have received many blessings from the hand of God as a nation and have much to give Him thanks for; yet as a nation we have not been living as those mindful of God's kindness to us and of our accountability to God. Instead, we have turned away from listening to God and His word into paths of unrighteousness.

One of the most aggravated sins of moral degeneracy of our nation is that of the unrequited blood of murdered multitudes. Our nation is stained with an ocean of blood that cries to God for His vengeance. In this opening up of God's Word to our nation, we hear God's rebuke and denunciation for our nation's aggravated sins and a call to repentance and prayer.

Preached at the Mid America Family Conference in Bluffton, Ohio.

Also in RealAudio® at www.tbcnj.org.

This message (TP-R-2) is part of a series of 4 messages. Cassette tapes and CD's may be purchased through Trinity Book Service

Jul 5, 1983
Special Meeting
Genesis 4:10; Genesis 9:5-6; Proverbs 14:34; Romans 13:4
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