Should Christians Boycott Businesses and Organizations That Promote Pride Month?

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In June's Pride Month, Christians often find themselves grappling with the endorsement of LGBTQ+ ideologies by businesses and organizations, which challenge their beliefs. Dr. Richard Caldwell and host Dr. Josh Philpott discuss these dilemmas in the Straight Truth Podcast, offering biblical insight into balancing personal convictions and societal engagements, while still acting as pillars of faith. Dr. Caldwell stresses that while the Bible advises against engaging with believers who persistently sin, this doesn't mean complete isolation from those exhibiting sinful behaviors. Instead, believers should navigate these complexities based on individual conscience, choosing not to support businesses or events that blatantly disrespect their beliefs. However, it's impossible to boycott all establishments tied to LGBTQ+ support due to the ubiquity of such connections. Ephesians 5 teaches Christians to be discerning, aiming to please the Lord in all actions and decisions, which includes not confusing others about their faith or presenting a negative testimony. Christians must also grapple with unfruitful works of darkness and take responsibility to expose them without passing judgment on fellow believers or unbelievers.

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Date Jun 29, 2023
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