What Is a Biblical Christian?

Staff PickFeatured on Aug 14, 2005

Are you a Christian? We ought not to make the assumption lightly that we are true Christians. Many claim to be Christians but what does the Bible tell us a Christian really is?*

  • A Christian is one who has seriously and honestly faced the personal problem of sin; the problem of a bad record and a bad heart.

  • A Christian is one who has also seriously considered the divine remedy for sin. The remedy bound up in a unique person and centered in his unique sacrifice on a cross that is adequate for and offered to all.

  • A Christian is one who whole-heartedly embraces the terms of God’s provision for sin through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ alone.

An important message recommended for everyone. #EV-56

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Sermon ID 62602132823
Duration 50:24
Date Jul 5, 1981
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Luke 5:31-32
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