Diligence Versus Sloth in Religion or The Broken Fence


Our books may come to be seen where ourselves shall never be heard.
These may preach where the author cannot, and (which is more) when he is not.' This prediction by one of the great Puritans has had many
fulfillments. An ungodly Welsh clergyman, shopping at a fair in the
eighteenth century, bought an article which happened to be wrapped in
a page torn from an old Puritan folio. The reading of that one page
led to his sound conversion. As Luther said, 'Satan hates the use of
pens,' and never were pens more powerfully wielded in the cause of
God than by the Puritan divines of the seventeenth century. Nor have
their books outlived their usefulness. Although the original volumes
are worn with age, the truths found in them are as fresh as the new
formats in which they are now appearing.

  • Forward, Richard Sibbes, The Bruised Reed.

Your 62 CD's of Reformation & Puritan authors are a great boon to
studies in the Reformed-Puritan experiential tradition. Receive our
hearty thanks for your invaluable work in making so many rare gems
accessible to thousands.

  • Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

This collection of 62 CDs is a truly astounding accomplishment. There
is nothing like this available to the ordinary Christian on the whole
face of the earth.

  • Dr. Jonathan D. Moore, Cambridge, UK.
    (Scholar of 16th & 17th century Calvinistic literature.)

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Date Jun 22, 2005
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