KJVO Discussion, the Pope Escapes His Handlers Again, Debate Tomorrow, the Trinitaria


Covered a WIDE range of topics today. Started off expressing our deep condolences to Tony Bartolucci and his family in the death of his daughter Giana. Then we discussed the debate we will be doing tomorrow at 4pm with representatives of the Hebrew Israelite movement. Moved from there to a discussion of Jeremiah 34:16 and Romans 13:9 and King James Onlyism. Then we discussed the Pope escaping his handlers again and proclaiming live-in cohabitations valid marriages, and finally spent a good half an hour or more on the “Eternal Functional Subordination” controversy, spending some time reading from Reymond’s Systematic Theology as well. A wide variety of topics, to be sure!

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Duration 1:28:11
Date Jun 21, 2016
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