Beth Moore Open Letter on Homosexuality, Then A "Choice" Radio Free Geneva!


Before we fired up the RFG theme today I addressed the open letter that has been sent to Beth Moore about her views of homosexuality. I did so because it seems others (noted on the program) seem to be attempting to run interference for her so as to keep her from having to take a stand on one of the most definitional issues of our day. Then we fired up the RFG and addressed Leighton Flowers' attempt to obfuscate his own horrific "choice meats" analogy by accusing me of ripping that statement out of its context. I documented, to the nth degree, that I did no such thing, and that the context is exactly what I insisted it was by not only playing his own video, but transcribing the words themselves. We then looked at another clip between Flowers and Roger Olsen that demonstrates the radical nature of Flowers' commitment to absolute autonomy.

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Date Jun 20, 2019
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