God's Grand Finale

Jeff Kinley is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary and has previously served as a pastor. He has a passion for sharing biblical truth and speaks across the country equipping churches and Christians to discern the times and to live with confidence.

"Revelation tells the story of Earth's final days. It chronicles the culmination of human history. The climax of civilization. The end of all things as we know it. In the Bible's last book, we're carried to an apocalyptic intersection where crises, chaos, and calamity all meet in a global, head-on collision. It's a tale of depravity, devils, and destruction. It is the future foretold, and the history written far ahead of its fulfillment."

That is the opening paragraph to Jeff's newly released book, God's Grand Finale: Wrath, Grace, and Glory in Earth's Last Days.

Skeptics may see this as just another "scare tactic" book but nothing could be further from the truth. This is due to the fact that this book will teach you exactly who God is as Jeff looks at 13 characteristics of God that are unfolded and illustrated by the book of Revelation. So join Jeff as he comments on the following:

Why do so many people struggle with the book of Revelation?
God who is wrath and the judgments of Revelation.
God's graciousness. Is this a contradiction to His wrath?
How humanity responds during the first years of the tribulation.
Will people come to faith through gospel resources that are left behind?
Christ's return in retribution against his enemies and His claiming of the earth as his kingdom.
What is the millennial kingdom?
The God who recompenses and the court of no appeals.

Jun 19, 2023
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