Way Too Many Topics Today to Put in the Title! Listen Anyway!


Here's a list of topics: the Convert's Guide to Not Becoming Catholic (which came along with a long recitation about my history with Gerry Matatics and Scott Hahn), the article on whether homosexuality has always been in the Bible, the California Bill to allow inmates to choose their own sex (insanity personified), Samuel Sey's fine article, Sam Shamoun's comments on what is and what is not heretical, Leighton Flowers, Rome, and his analogy of "choice meat," Robert Truelove's description of TR Onlyism, and last week's video posting of alleged "insults" on my part being anything but.  Whew!  Yup, we crammed all of that into a 90 minute program.  Enjoy!

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Date Jun 18, 2019
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