An appeal for 100 praying saints

An impromptu appeal for 100 praying saints.

We all know it's not about numbers. However, we understand that when a call for prayer is made, having 10 people respond is not the same as having 100 people respond. Sometimes it's the only way we can measure whether the Lord is stirring in hearts.

The Lord has so touched my heart after the prayer time today to send out this appeal for 100 participants on our daily united prayer. There are many things we often commit to -- going to the gym, meeting for lunch, watching our favorite tv show. But how about committing with us to listen to a meditation from God's word each day at 12 noon eastern time and then engaging in prayer with saints from around the world?

What part of the world are you in? Is your region represented on our prayer call? We are praying for revival in our nations and in our families. Is it not time for you to join like-minded brothers and sisters and pray for the same?

We're presently at 50. Will you be part of the 100?


Jun 17, 2024
Prayer Meeting
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