Getting Used to the Dark - sermon by Vance Havner

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Here is a select quote from the excerpt: 'If I could get one church full of folks that actually believed that verse, 'Where two or three are gathered in My name, I am there,' [Matthew 18:20] I don't know when we'd get out of here tonight.'


Men and Women of Prayer are so much needed.

School of Prayer – Like George Muller ...all needs
shall be presented to God in prayer and waiting on
God to provide for all needs without ever mentioning
anything to anyone; and God will provide all that is
His will for His glory alone at His timing....God has
never failed to provide everything needed for this

Please pray for the School of Prayer that God will
provide all and to His glory alone...and for a world
wide revival and great awakening saving at least a
billion people for years to come.

School of Prayer - More free audio recordings of
chapters/books/sermons can be found on:
(1) www.sermonaudio.com under the School of Prayer -
link provided below
(2) www.archive.org - search for School of Prayer
for a complete list available.

Sermon ID 61507225532
Duration 29:55
Date Jun 15, 2007
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Isaiah 60:2; Jeremiah 13:16
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