Benny Hinn On The Heresy Bandwagon!

Featured on Aug 25, 2006

Those familiar with Benny Hinn's performances and prophecies will immediately recognise the trademark of this age – deception (cf. Matthew 24:4,5,23&24; 2 Peter 2:1-3, 18).

In the course of this message, the following points are considered:

  1. The BLUEPRINT For Benny's Bandwagon ...

His theological background and broadcasting network (TBN) are examined.

  1. The BEHAVIOUR On Benny's Bandwagon ...

A trip with Benny Hinn will bring you into the highly dubious 'signs-and-wonders' districts of extreme Charismaticism:

• The Sickness Business, and
• The 'Slayings in the Spirit' Phenomenon

are analysed.

  1. The BELIEFS / BLASPHEMIES From Benny's Bandwagon ...

Contrary to the warnings of God's Book not to add to (or take away from) this completed revelation, Hinn craves after, and claims, fresh revelations!

His HERESIES include teaching on:

• The Godhead,
• The Person and Work of Christ,
• The Nature of God's People,
• The Creation,
• The Communication of Salvation,
• The Blasphemy of the Roman Catholic Mass.


• American homosexuals to be incinerated,
• Revival to come to Cuba,
• Dead to be raised in front of TV screens,
• Jesus to appear physically at his Crusades.

A voice of warning must be raised against such blatant deception (2 Timothy 4:1&2)!

Sermon ID 614054247
Duration 53:11
Date Jun 12, 2005
Category Current Events
Bible Text 2 Peter 2:1-3; 2 Peter 2:18; Matthew 24:4-5; Matthew 24:23-24
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