A Doctrine Hated Even by Most Christians

Featured on Apr 12, 2010

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Positive Truths regarding Predestination – or the Absolute Sovereignty of God

  1. God – from all eternity has ordained whatsoever comes to pass.
  2. God's predestination is unchangeable.
  3. God's Predestination of all things includes both the election and reprobation of individuals.

What God's Sovereignty and Absolute Predestination Does Not mean

  1. God's Predestination of all things does not mean God is the author of sin.
  2. God's Predestination of all things does not destroy the contingency of second causes.
  3. God's predestination does not deny or destroy human responsibility.
  4. God's predestination is not based upon “looking ahead” and forseeing what would take place.

Truths Regarding Election and Reprobation

  1. The goal of both Election and Reprobation is ultimately -- the glory of God.
  2. The number of the elect AND the reprobate is absolutely fixed and it can not be changed.
  3. Election and reprobation are both decreed by God before the foundations of the earth – or before time began.
  4. The means of election is God's free grace and the love of God in Christ.

Some Practical Considerations Regarding Reprobation

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Date Jun 11, 2006
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Bible Text Romans 9:10-24
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