Prayer from the Isle of Lewis

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Staff PickFeatured on Jun 12, 2022

While visiting Scotland in 2022, I had the privilege of praying with a 95-year-old man, named William MacLeod, one of the last remaining eyewitnesses of the Isle of Lewis revival during the early 1950s.

We prayed in the sanctuary of the same church building in the village of Barvas where the revival began. It was one of the most blessed experiences of my life.

Everything we do here at SermonAudio is reflected in this short video. We believe in preaching, but we also believe in prayer. This is signified in the Foundations Conference, United Prayer, and even with the Vault project.

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All footage was shot on-location using a Mavic Pro, GoPro, Sony FX3, and iPhone Pro Max. View in 1080p for highest quality.

Opening prayer Scottish Gaelic translation:

"Ever blessed Lord, we desire a spirit of thankfulness to God for bringing us together and us meeting one with another on such a beautiful afternoon as this. Bless and sanctify our thoughts while we speak to one another in regard to the gospel and the Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour. The one who came and of whom it was written. 'This man receiveth sinners and eateth with them.'"

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Duration 04:37
Date Jun 12, 2022
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Bible Text Habakkuk 2:14
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