We Believe in God the Father


This first article of the Nicene Creed stresses the core Christian confession that the people of God together, the universal Christian church, proclaims: namely, that we believe there is only one God and that he is a Father to his people, he is omnipotent, and that he is the Creator or Maker of all things, both the physical universe and the unseen spirits and powers.
God as Father must be understood in the light of his eternal Fatherhood: he has always been the Father of his Son. This does not lessen the deity of the Son, but only reveals the relationship of the persons (along with the Spirit) in the Godhead. The Biblical revelation of God as Father that is so prominent in the teaching of Christ and in the NT, is the unique revelation of the nature of God that sets it far apart and high above all the other religions and sects in the world.

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Duration 37:18
Date Jun 10, 2018
Category Sunday - AM
Bible Text Deuteronomy 6:4; John 17:1-3
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