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The following stories were part of a much wider look by Dalton at some of the news from this week. This includes a special message from Pastor John MacArthur.

--Last evening's prime time coverage of the January 6th hearings.

--Audio clip of comments from Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Green concerning the lack of protection for the Capitol by Democrats and the results that you're not likely to hear about from the January 6th Committee.

--Former President Trump mocks the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th breach of the Capitol.

--Capitol police compiled a secret after-action review months after the January 6th riots that identified sweeping blunders by the department ranging from delayed deployment of specialized civil disturbance units to the fateful dismantling of an intelligence unit that monitors social media for threats.

--China is attacking the theory that the COVID-19 pandemic may have originated as a leak from a Chinese laboratory as a politically motivated lie, after the World Health Organization recommended in its strongest terms yet that a deeper probe is needed into whether a lab accident may be to blame.

--Dr. Robert Malone's closing comments from the May 11th press conference of the Global COVID Summit.

--Attorney and former Ambassador C. Boyden Gray held a press briefing on Wednesday to introduce a new lawsuit being filed against the FDA over its claims that Ivermectin is an ineffective treatment for COVID-19.

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