The Power of Jesus, Part 1

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Fix your eyes on the power of Jesus!

When Jesus came down from the mount of Transfiguration, he was met by a father of a young man who was desparate for help. He had asked Jesus' disciples to cast out the demon in his son, but they did not have the strength to do it.

The father doesn't just ask for help, but also for compassion. Our Jesus is not a stoic philosopher who just tells us to "get it over." And He is also powerful. He has the power to not only cast out the demon, but also to forbid him to ever come back.

We need to be careful to not take the idea of demon possession as just an ancient superstition. There is a spiritual realm and a spiritual battle that our physical eyes cannot see, and much of what we call mental illness today is a visible manifestation of the devil at work, trying to destroy people's lives.

This passage gives hope to praying parents who may not be understanding what is going on in their children's minds. Jesus reminded the disciples that the strength to deal with these demonic forces did not come from themselves. It was derived from prayer and fasting, as part of their relationship with the Lord. The power is not in us, but we have a compassionate Father that we can come to!

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Duration 30:57
Date May 7, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Mark 9:14-29
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