Biblical Headship: Calling Men to Lead in the Church and the Home


Genesis 2 is the radical feminist's worst nightmare. Here we discover that mat male headship, far from being a product of the fall, is a cornerstone of the creation order. However, this does not mean (as some argue) that women are inherently ‘inferior' to men. On the contrary, the Bible makes it clear that women are to be cherished, nourished, protected, and prized as the weaker sex.

This message examines feminism, homosexuality, female leadership in the church and other by-products of erroneous thinking about male headship. It also refutes any idea that male biblical male headship is an excuse for men to dominate and/or mistreat women in any way.

Sermon ID 57092323310
Duration 56:16
Date Feb 24, 2008
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Genesis 2:15-24
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