Priest By Oath

There is no shortage of people and methods attempting to define God and Christ according to their own ideas. From the false sects who claim to be Christian such as the Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses to the atheist who denies Him altogether; every single religion is a statement about the veracity of scripture and the power of God to save. Every single religion at its heart says something (even in silence or denial) about Jesus Christ. True Christianity also says something about Christ, and it says in echo, what God Himself has said. Christ is EVERYTHING! Christ is the very heart of all creation and the reason for its existence. God Himself tells us the center of all things is Jesus when He confirmed the priesthood of Jesus with an oath. His own vow, His own promise staking His name on the worth and truth of this man Jesus Christ.

May 5, 2024
Sunday Service
Hebrews 7:20
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