Prevented By Death

The need for a priestly intervention is absolutely critical for our souls. We stand alienated from God by the sin nature we inherited from our father Adam, and what is more, we add to its curse with our constant rebellions. It requires someone who has the power to stand between us and God and intercede on our behalf… but the problem with this reality is that we cannot rely on a man to accomplish this for us. For every man dies, every priest dies, every man fails to live up to the standards of God. No human being is pure, no human being is powerful enough to overcome the grave and certainly no human being is able to make the grave give up anyone already claimed… unless that person is also God in the flesh… the need is just too great for any man to provide. For every single one of us is subject to death, and not any of us will be able to avoid that hour when it comes.

May 26, 2024
Sunday Service
Hebrews 7:23
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