R.C. Sproul on the Fatal Flaw of the Charismatic Movement (#8)

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The Strange Fire conference represents a thorough, biblical response to the errors and excesses of the charismatic movement. It will be comprehensive both in its scope of content and breadth of teaching. On that note today we wanted to let you hear from another of our keynote speakers.

Dr. R.C. Sproul is a voice you're probably familiar with from his daily radio broadcast, "Renewing Your Mind." He has stood shoulder to shoulder with John MacArthur for many years in uncompromising faithfulness to the gospel. Dr. Sproul is a prominent pastor, theologian, teacher, and author who will bring valuable insight and perspective to Strange Fire.

In preparation for the conference, we asked Dr. Sproul what concerns him about the charismatic movement. His answer drives us to the inseparable relationship between the Word and the Spirit, and to what he calls the fatal flaw of charismatic teaching and practice. . . .


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Date Jun 9, 2013
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