Does Proper Parenting Guarantee Godly Children?

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In this episode of the Straight Truth Podcast, Dr. Josh Philpot and Dr. Richard Caldwell tackle some challenging Biblical texts. In Titus 1 and 1 Timothy 3, Paul outlines qualifications for elders, sparking questions around whether pastors should continue ministering if their children are unbelievers and the role parents play in their children's salvation. Referring to Titus 1:6, Dr. Caldwell explains that children need not be saved, but faithful, indicating a well-managed household. No parent is responsible for the regeneration of their child; God saves, using parents as means for fostering a believing generation. Proverbs 22:6 isn't a guarantee but a truism - good parenting doesn't equate to saved children, it's a matter of God's grace and mercy. Dr. Caldwell uses a farming analogy, describing parents as workers in God's field, striving to fulfill their responsibilities faithfully, leaving salvation to God's work. While a child's unruly behavior doesn't necessarily reflect poor parenting, it indicates the unfitness of the man for ministry roles. A well-managed home generally yields faithful children, under their parents' leadership, respecting family rules, and not in constant disobedience.

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Date Jun 22, 2023
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