Dangerous World Pandemic Treaty Draws Nigh


We've been warning listeners about a dangerous pandemic treaty being orchestrated by the World Health Organization (WHO). Our nation averted that threat a year ago but unfortunately it's back again.

Returning to Crosstalk to discuss this latest development was Dr. Michele Bachmann. Dr. Bachmann is dean of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University. She previously served in the Minnesota State Senate then ran for Congress in 2006 and won as the first Republican woman from Minnesota elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. She was reelected and served for multiple years.

Later this month (May 21st through the 30th) the 76th World Health Assembly will be held in Geneva, Switzerland. They're seeking to adopt amendments to the international health regulations and would place the WHO in control over the world. Right now it appears that the Biden administration is "all in" on this matter. If the U.S. becomes a party to this, and another so-called "health emergency" is declared, you can say "good-bye" to your personal freedom regarding medical choices and in general, the sovereignty of America.

Dr. Bachmann described how during the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous freedoms were lost. This happened because President Biden gave himself emergency powers. This allowed him to simply issue directives such as landlords not being able to evict tenants who refused to pay rent. There was the paying of people to stay home from work which has led to an unprecedented level of inflation, the mask mandates, the shutting down of churches and more.

She believes the Biden administration is hoping to give that high level of emergency power over to the WHO.

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Date May 2, 2023
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