Marriage, Motherhood & Homemaking 3


The God-given dignity of our precious women and girls continues to be under relentless attack by the forces of darkness. With a burden to herald the truth of God's Word in addressing pertinent and related issues revolving around this important topic, and while being sensitive to single and childless women, Pastor Martin preached a series of messages entitled, “In Praise and Defense of Marriage, Motherhood and Homemaking”.

The biblical foundation for a right view of marriage, motherhood and homemaking is seen in the light of Creation. Pastor Martin continues in Genesis showing what marriage, motherhood and homemaking was before the Fall of Adam and Eve into sin and then draws out some pointed applications. (part 3 of 18)

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This message (TT-X-3) is part of a series of 18 messages. Cassette tapes and CD's may be purchased through Trinity Book Service.

Sermon ID 520395239
Duration 1:05:50
Date May 19, 2002
Category Sunday - PM
Bible Text Genesis 2:24-25; Matthew 19:4-6
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