True & False Conversion


Intro by Kirk Cameron.

Sadly there is a lack of teaching on the subject of true and false conversion within the contemporary Church. Yet the Bible is full of instruction on this vital subject.

Through this teaching you will learn about:

The cause of a false conversion.
The incredible key that unlocks the mystery of all the parables.
The six characteristics of a false convert.
The factor that proves the genuineness of a true convert.
Why a genuine convert will stand no matter how great the adversity.
Why the apostle Paul was "exceedingly joyful" in all of his tribulation.
"That is the reason we have so many mushroom converts . . . why? Because their stony ground is not plowed up; they have not got a conviction of the Law." George Whitefield

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Duration 1:03:55
Date May 17, 2012
Category Teaching
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