It's Dark in Here

Staff PickFeatured on May 13, 2010

How many people are failing in their businesses, schools, marriages? How many people feel as though they are failing in their jobs or professions? How many lack purpose in life, lack fulfillment and satisfaction? How many feel they are not recognized or honored enough by their families, friends, or supervisors? How many of us really accept ourselves for who we are, our lot and status in life, our position at work or in society?

These are the kinds of questions Gideon must have asked himself time and time again. Gideon was a man who questioned the task set before Him by God. He questioned if He had the ability to undertake the assignment. He felt weak, incompetent, and totally inadequate. And yet, Gideon is a great encouragement to every person who senses weakness or inadequacies. Gideon teaches that we can be competent, can do the task that is set before us. We can conquer the sense of inferiority or inadequacy; conquer the feeling that we are too ordinary, too common, or too average to accomplish great things.

Through God, we can become qualified to undertake any task to which He call us, any task upon which we set our hearts. This is the subject of this great passage of scripture, the story of a young farmer who had a weak, wavering faith.

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Duration 1:06:30
Date May 17, 2009
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Judges 6:1-10
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