God Is Our Refuge and Strength

Many of the psalms are about believers in trouble. David often calls on God to defeat his enemies, whether while hiding from King Saul (e.g. Psalm 18) or retreating from Jerusalem after Absalom's coup (Psalm 3). In all his troubles God is a refuge for his dear one. In fact, the theme of God as a refuge of the faithful occurs repeatedly in the psalms, far more than in any other Bible book.
But no psalm is quite like Psalm 46 in presenting God as the helper of the faithful. The crisis in this psalm is not a local coup but a worldwide cataclysm. Yet even when "the nations rage" and "the kingdoms totter" (6), even when the earth is removed (2 KJV), God's children can be still, safe in the fortress of his loving care. Believers might have reasons to fear. But we have better reasons not to fear. Believing this can give us peace and even joy as we take refuge in God.

May 19, 2024
Sunday - AM
Psalm 46
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