A Dividing Line of Clarification


We provided clarification on a number of points today, starting with Bruce Jenner’s reported “marriage” to a trans-gender “woman” 47 years his junior. Then we provided clarification on Mitt Romney’s ironic tweet about “religious bigots.” Next we provided clarification on an Islamic video accusing me of inconsistency regarding the Trinity and the fear of the Lord. But the majority of the program was taken up providing clarification about “colorblind theology” and the discussions in social media regarding the Lord’s table, “black spaces,” and the call for an ecumenical council to declare me a heretic! Last DL for me for a while as I leave for Africa tomorrow, but Rich says he has “plans” for others to sit in, but won’t tell me about them (which is frightening). So stay tuned!

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Duration 1:37:07
Date May 15, 2018
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