Rejoice Ye Poor, Ye Rich, Ye Tried!

Tim Conway | Series: James, Part 3 | Believer, though you may be lowly in this world, do you rejoice in the great riches that await you in paradise with Christ? While the world may pursue what they believe brings true honor in this life, we must remain steadfast, enduring trials and suffering, honoring the Lord.

(0:00) Introduction
(0:59) Notice the emphasis on having joy in the book of James.
(6:28) First—consider the lowly brother.
(14:32) Charles Spurgeon on who is truly honored before God.
(28:32) Ephesians 2 tells us of the great height to which those who are lowly will be exalted.
(37:19) God's Word shows us that we possess the greatest riches in the universe.
(39:35) Second—consider the rich…
(46:51) How do we define wealth?
(52:19) Third—consider the man who remains steadfast under trial.
(57:52) Closing prayer

May 5, 2024
Sunday Service
James 1:9-12
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