God's Five Worlds


Dr. John Whitcomb examines the five worlds of history, science and prophecy in this introductory lesson given at a recent conference in Elkhart, Ind.
Our teacher gives an overview of the history of the universe in this message, explaining the vast changes the world has undergone since its creation – primarily through the fall and the flood.
Sadly, each day we repeat the sinful failures of Adam and Eve. By God's grace, however, there is salvation through faith in Him.
In grace, God has also given us the ability to understand the world from the vantage point of His Word.
"The hydrodynamics of the deluge is the key for world history," says Dr. Whitcomb.
In this teaching, Dr. Whitcomb takes us on an overview of Holy Scripture, explaining the giving of the law, God's grace in implementing the sacrificial system, the creation of the New Testament church and the future promise to believers of the rapture. He ends by discussing the millennium – the 1,000-year reign of Christ.
We trust that this new sermon will prove to be a great blessing to all who hear. Please invite a friend and listen together!

Sermon ID 513111415110
Duration 47:37
Date Mar 25, 2011
Category Special Meeting
Bible Text Luke 24:25-27; Revelation 19
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