James Kyle Paisley, Father of Dr. Ian Paisley


James Kyle Paisley, father to Dr. Ian Paisely, was a gracious and zealous preacher whose heart was always stirred with the message he delivered. He was born in 1891 in a small farmstead in Northern Ireland. Saved at age 17, he began training for the ministry almost immediately at a Baptist college in Dublin. He became a well-respected Baptist preacher and a staunch Protestant who stood for the truth of Scripture in the face of intense opposition. The more he was opposed, the more he preached. The more he preached, the more he excelled in winning men to Christ. His preaching was stamped with the power of God. His son, Ian Paisley, remarks, 'I remember as a boy going to hear my dad preach in a tent in Ballee. As we came out of that tent and passed up the lane way of the field, I heard men crying as they were kneeling in the ditch. Crying to God to have mercy on their souls. It was revival! It was a moving of the Spirit of God. A great moving time. Though no recordings exist from those early days, someone did record for us his voice in a message he preached shortly before he went home to glory.

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Date May 13, 2004
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