Billy Sunday Preaches Against Booze

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Far too often we forget the wonderful ways that God worked in the mighty revivals of old. We also forget the testimony of the men that God used. Mighty men. Men who prayed and preached under the power of the Holy Ghost. Through electronic means, some of these voices have been preserved so we can remember voices from the past.

One afternoon as he sat upon the sidewalk near a Chicago street corner, major league baseball player, Billy Sunday, heard a stirring gospel message preached by a minister of the Pacific Garden Mission. Billy was saved that day and in 1891 he left a 7-year career in baseball to enter into Christian service. He believed God had called him to preach and in 1903 he was ordained into the Presbyterian ministry. Billy Sunday is probably one of the most well-known evangelists from the early 1900s. It's estimated that 300,000 people were converted to Christ through his ministry. William Ashley Sunday died in 1935 but his voice lives still in this recording where he hammers the devil's booze.

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Date May 13, 2004
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