Pope Francis, Dan Barker, Bad Bad Twitter Man, Wilson vs. "Augustine Actual"


This will be my only program this week---don't worry, we have a special guest filling in on Thursday (I have to head out of town quickly). So we went long, a full two hours. Covered a ton of topics from Pope Francis' call for "believers of all religions" to join in asking God to "help us" with coronavirus, Dan Barker's bad argument against the Christian faith due to a bad theology of prayer, and another bad, bad tweet from the Bad, Bad Twitter Man (me) wherein I once again failed to buy into the social justice narrative (oh, and one caller who went rounds with Rich showing that, like so many, he is controlled by his emotions rather than his mind). Then the last hour we went back to "Wilson vs. Augustine Actual," reading comments from Wilson and then going to the cited Augustinian sources.

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Date May 12, 2020
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