Marriage, Motherhood & Homemaking 16


The God-given dignity of our precious women and girls continues to be under relentless attack by the forces of darkness. With a burden to herald the truth of God's Word in addressing pertinent and related issues revolving around this important topic, and while being sensitive to single and childless women, Pastor Martin preached a series of messages entitled, “In Praise and Defense of Marriage, Motherhood and Homemaking”.

In this first of the last three sermons in an extended series, the portrait of the godly woman of Proverbs 31 is examined. Her fundamental character and orientation is identfied and specific practical application of the truth is made while distinguishing the cultural uniqueness of the woman described in the passage.

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This message (TT-X-16) is part of a series of 18 messages. Cassette tapes and CD's may be purchased through Trinity Book Service.

Sermon ID 5104225838
Duration 1:08:51
Date Aug 25, 2002
Category Sunday - AM
Bible Text Proverbs 31
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