I Would Redeem You, But . . .

"I wonder if God is letting the modern church send herself into exile because of our arrogant unwillingness to repent of our drift and compromise? You see friends God is willing to heal and restore us, but I fear we, like Israel of old, will have none of it. The church today has its collective hand in the face of God saying "go away" because we will not repent. And we often complain about God being kicked out of the schools in America, but friends I'm afraid that God has been kicked out of many churches too. Just like the church at Laodicea in the 1st century, Jesus is once again standing outside the doors of our churches, knocking to get back in and my question for us here at Bethel is what kind of church are we going to be? Are we, like Israel, going to get caught up in the drift of the culture around us and be led away from the Lord, or are we going to commit ourselves to Christ and His truth no matter the cost?"

Apr 7, 2024
Sunday Service
Hosea 7
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