Pastors, Missionaries, and the Church

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What other higher calling can there be than to oversee Christ's Church and be a steward to care for His Bride until He returns? And who more suitable to take on this task than men who are called of God and qualified according to His Word?

0:00​ - [Intro - Questions and Answers]
0:55​ - Question 1 - Due to the difficulty of ministry, is it worth the cost?
5:07​ - Almost everything is cured by growing in your knowledge of God.
6:51​ Question 2 - Can you share a little bit on stewardship. The responsibilities of the home and ministry and balancing that?
10:49​ - Question 3 - Can you speak on Catechizing people that are in your flock and investing in them and small groups?
16:51​ - Illustration - How do you, pastor, treat Christ's bride, the church?
22:28​ - Exhortation - The epicenter of world missions is the local church.
25:46​ - Counsel - How to teach your children and family devotions.
27:54​ - [End of Audience Questions]
28:04​ - Minister - Have you ever looked up every reference in the Bible that speaks about what a shepherd is supposed to do?
30:23​ - What a Sunday meeting looks like at Christ Church Radford, the church Paul is a member of.
35:27​ - What is a missionary?
41:38​ - Pastors and a Biblical Church.
51:37​ - Do you love the church more or your ministry?
56:21​ - God will test you to see if you love His bride, the church.
57:50​ - Conclusion and Closing Prayer

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Date Apr 2, 2021
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