Canadian Tyranny and Anthony Bradley Remote Diagnosis


Just had to talk about the tyranny of the government in Alberta, Canada and the closure of Grace Life Church. Two sets of fences have been placed around the building and while the same government lets child predators loose into the community they are expending manpower guarding against those horrible Christians who might meet and sing praises to God and result in the entire nation dying of Covid19 (ok, well, 99.97% of folks under 70 won't die but it sounds so much more dramatic the other way). We pointed out that they were "living the lie" as all the guards are all masked up…out doors in the wonderful Spring Canadian wind (making viral transmission about as likely as being hit, twice, from different directions, by meteorites). Then we moved on to Dr. Anthony Bradley's kind remote diagnosis of myself and Owen Strachan and Tom Buck as suffering from "paranoid personality disorder" due to our "fixation" on "wokeness." We examined his scholarly conclusions and then moved to an examination of Paul's words to the Corinthians in 1 Corinthians 12:10ff, looking at the context in ancient Corinth, the challenges for unity in the church in that city, and the apostolic (in opposition to woke) conclusions as to how to bring that unity about.

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Date Apr 8, 2021
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