Raising Cain


I want to take you back to the very beginning of human
history, and we're going to talk about the most fundamental
distinction between true and false religion.

Genesis 4. The first two-thirds of this chapter are given to
a wretched story of sibling rivalry, jealousy, heartbreak, and
tragically ruined lives. It's the story of Cain and Abel. This is
literally every parents' worst nightmare the distilled essence
of everything every parent has ever feared all wrapped up in
a single individual, Cain. Here was a wayward child who was
not only self-destructive, self-willed, angry, and malicious;
but he also deliberately scorned decency and morality; he
ruined every relationship he had with anyone in his own
family circle; and finally he murdered his own brother and
had to be sent into permanent exile.
All that, and we are talking about...


Sermon ID 4814221673
Duration 51:55
Date Apr 6, 2014
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Genesis 4:1-17
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