Give Amillennialism A Chance

The biblical credibility and simplicity of Amillennialism is put forth.
Of the four major views of eschatology, Amillennialism is by far the least complicated.
It has fewer "moving parts."
It finds a 5-stage cyclical narrative in Revelation beginning with chapter four.
The six-page pdf packet has charts and diagrams showing the four major views of the end times.

Amillennialism is represented in a refreshingly simple diagram.

Included also is a repeat of last week's chart showing by chapter groupings a recapitulative, progressively greater-detailed view of Revelation events the Holy Spirit inspired John to write.

A suggested book reading list from the previous study rounds out the pdf packet.

Christ Reformed Church's Sermon Audio site shows the "Give Amillennialism a Chance" title on a list. Clicking there, one can view, download and print these pdf materials from the main sermon web page.

Just find the grey and red (tiny adobe logo) "PDF Text" button below the regular green "Play" button.

Mar 28, 2021
Sunday School
Revelation 20:1-6
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