(5) What Is the Bible?

What kind of book is the Bible? Is it merely an ancient document written by men inventing a religion? Is it like our Constitution, a useful guide developed by wise men, but one that can be amended when needed? Is it special like other great writings that reveal the human condition and help us see divinity in the world? Or is the Bible the very word of God written?

Your view of Scripture determines the role it plays in your life. If the Bible isn't God's word it can inspire, encourage, and advise. But it has no right to govern. Conversely, we might use an uninspired Bible as a rule book but overlook the story's main character and central message. If the Bible is just a human book we may filter out the parts we don't like. If the Bible isn't God's word it might help us in this life, but it can say nothing about the life to come.

To accurately understand the Bible and properly submit to it we need to know where it came from and how and why it became written.

Apr 7, 2024
Sunday - PM
2 Peter 1:16-21
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