The Glory of Christ

104 ( 39 | 65 )

There are defining moments in most people's lives when everything changes and they realize that life will never be the same again. This was one of those moments for Jesus' disciples. Jesus emphatically told them that some of them present would not die without a taste of Kingdom of God coming with power.

Shortly after this, He took three of His disciples to the top of a mountain and was transfigured gloriously in their presence. He changed before their very eyes. They had known Him as a Man, but now He was showing them that He was much more than a mere Man! He is the glorious God of the universe, and yet He loves us; and He is worthy of our worship – even today! He outshone even Moses and Elijah, the great Lawgiver and Prophet.

The Father spoke and recognized the Divine Sonship of Jesus – the Beloved One! And then He gave a command for us to hear Him – that is, not to merely hear His Words, but also obey Him. He is the King of glory! Do you see Him as such?

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Duration 29:08
Date Apr 2, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Mark 9:1-8
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